This 5-year-old boy learns he is getting a new heart after waiting 211 days

5-year-old Ari Schultz was diagnosed with critical aortic stenosis before he was even born. He had been living at the Boston Children’s Hospital as an inpatient but after 211 days of waiting for a heart for transplant, the doctors finally gave his parent's the good news.

Ari's parents share the journey on their blog, Echo of Hope,  so when the news came that their little boy would be getting another chance at life they of course recorded the beautiful moment.
Ari's priceless reaction to his parents news was one of disbelief replying, "They found one? When am I going to get it?"

The brave young boy is excited for life after the transplant "So I can go home tomorrow?" and then later asked "I can have more water!?"

Since having the operation in early March, Ari's new heart starting beating all by itself on March 3rd. His parents have reported that Ari is doing well while there are still challenges to face, the forecast so fare is good for the brace little boy.