The Breakfast Club's Impossible Question


Every morning at 6.15am, we play the Impossible Question!

Think you know the answer to this question?

On average, every Kiwi has 2 of these...

The money jackpots $50 each day if it isn't struck!

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Previous Impossible Questions:

Q: 43% of people make a habit of doing this thing?

A: Biting your nails

Q: 3 out of 6 members of The Breakfast Club have done this...

A: Eat dog food

Q: 16% of us dislike doing what thing?

A: Buying female hygiene products

Q: 19% of people have what in their car?

A: Hand sanitiser

Q: 12% of us have used this at least once in the last year.

A: Rolling pin

Q: Only 15% of New Zealand households use this anymore...

A: Firewood

Q: It happens for a certain amount of time every year...

A: Cherry Blossoms

Q: 4% of people have done this in a relationship...

A: Married a childhood sweetheart

Q: 7.2% of New Zealanders have done this...

A: Been on TV

Q: 3% of people in the southern hemisphere have done this...

A: Drop their phone in the toilet

Q: This happens to Kiwis on average once in their lifetime...

A: Going to A&E

Q: 31% of us own 3 or more of these?

A: Clothes airers

Q: What do 1% of kiwis take with them on holiday?

A: Vacuum cleaner

Q: What do 4% of kiwis bring back from their OE?

A: Russian Dolls

Q. 18% of people say this is their biggest regret in life...?

A. Not learning to play the guitar

Q. 42% of adults have no idea where this is...?

A. Car manual

Q. 14% of Kiwis own 2 of these...?

A. Craft Knife

Q. 22% of you purchase this once a year?

A. Vitamin C

Q. On average we own six of these in our lifetime?

A. Laundry baskets