Love at First Dance

Jase, Jay-Jay & Flynny

Jase, Jay-Jay & Flynny know all too well that dating in the modern world can be tricky, so they have coupled up with Dancing with the Stars judge, Julz Tocker to bring some much needed romance to 21st century dating - with More FM’s Dancing with a Stranger!

Playing cupid, we've found our two singles who will connect through the electrifying chemistry of dance!

- Almost 24, Manager
- Likes gym, drinking and socialising. 
- Wants a man who is fun, kind and ambitious.
- He can't be short or have bad teeth.
- She's a beginner dancer. 

- 25yrs, Sales Admin
- Likes football, finding stupid facts on the internet, drinking wine.
- Wants a girl who is kind of active, can drink tequila without throwing up, orders something other than the vege options at a restaurant, and has ambition
- Doesn’t like smokers
- Has done a bit of Latin and ballroom dance lessons as a teen

The catch is, Jess & Taylor will meet for the first time when performing the romantic dance routine, choreographed by self-confessed romantic Julz Tocker AND they can’t speak with one another - only dance can do the talking on this date.

It's basically a bit like a dinner date, but instead of eating, you’ll have to perform a dance together!

With Julz expertise, Jay-Jay’s experience performing on DWTS, Jase’s knowledge from hosting DWTS, and Flynny’s...below par running man, will Jess & Taylor be waltzing their way into each others hearts?

Enjoy an evening of dance with Julz Tocker from Dancing with the Stars NZ in locations around the country. There'll be drinks, canapés, dancing by Julz and special celebrity guests, followed by a dance workshop for all ages to enjoy the experience of dance.

All the details at Julz Tocker Instagram