Jay-Jay & Flynny’s Fix It Fridays


Turns out Jay-Jay is quite the star when it comes to DIY - give her a flatpack and she builds it within minutes, find a hinge that needs mending - Jay-Jay is your girl, need some light bulbs changed Jay-Jay will help you... Flynny not so much!

In celebration and thanks to Resene, More FM has created ‘Fix It Fridays!’

Tell us below what needs fixing in your home and Jay-Jay & Flynny could turn up and get to work.

Every Friday for a month Jay-Jay (with Flynny by her side for moral support) will travel to someone's home and fix whatever needs fixing.

All thanks to Resene who have the quality paints, colours, wallpapers and decorating accessories you need for your decorating projects inside and out.

Check out finished projects and get decorating tips from Kiwi decorators at habitatbyresene.co.nz and use the free online Resene ask an expert service to get all your decorating questions answered so you can get the job done right first time - resene.co.nz/techexpert