Mitre 10 Mega Impossible Question

Southland 29/04/2019

Each day Gretchen and Simon are going to be bringing the heat with More FM’s Impossible Question!

We’ve got a $50 Mitre 10 gift card up for grabs - and the prize value jackpots if the question isn’t correctly answered the following day! 

Don’t worry though, whether the question is easy or impossible everyone that participates is in the draw to win a $2,000 heating package thanks to Mitre 10!!!

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Monday 29th April Question:

Q: THIS is going to happen to you six times on average, over the next 3 months.. What is it?

A: You will be sneezed on

Tuesday 30th April Question:

Q: What is the 5th reason that drives women to diet?

A: A friend or family member losing weight

Monday 6th May Question:

Q: The average woman spends 33 minutes a day doing this?

Wednesday 8th May Question:

Q: 35% of people avoid photos because of this?

A: They're self conscious about their chin.

Monday 13th May Question:

Q: What is the number 1 white lie parents tell their children?

A: An annoying toy is broken or run out of batteries.

Wednesday 15th May Question:

A: The answer is negative 18... What is the Question?

Q: What is the Lowest temp ever recorded in Southland?