More FM's Big Red Button with Smiths City


We're giving you the chance to win big prizes thanks to Smiths City City, but we need you to do something first. Head down to Smiths City Masterton at any of the below times and press our Big Red Button - that's all it takes!

  • 11:30am Wednesday 19th May
  • 11:30am Wednesday 26th May
  • 11:30am Sunday 30th May
  • 3pm Tuesday 1st June
  • 3pm Thursday 3rd June

We'll have a range of cool prizes, what you win is totally up to the all-knowing, all-seeing Big Red Button. Is there a technique to it, or is it completely down to fate? The only way to find out is to press the Big Red Button!

Smiths City NZ  - 100% Locally Owned.