In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, a father turned his 6-month-old into a mischievous leprechaun

13:59 28 February, 2017

We are looking forward to seeing what father of six has planned for this St. Patrick's Day, as last March he had a wonderful project of his 6-month-old son Rockwell dressed up as a Leprechaun for a hilariously staged photos.
Lawrence is the creator of a site called "That Dad Blog" and has also posted the picture of his son on Instagram. 
One is captioned: 
"He hasn’t quite perfected his Irish accent. It sounds like a mix between Yoda and Alvin the Chipmunk. I got a kick out of hearing him tell Nik, “Don’t be messing with me pot of gold!” every time he passed him hanging on the wall."

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