Guys cover Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' using empty bottles

This is unreal!

9 hours ago

Little girl mistakes water heater for her new loved robot

One little girl has shown love to her new friend, a water heater she thinks is a robot.

11 hours ago

Quiz: Can you guess these NZ TV ads from the 90s?

Test your memory and tap back into that 90s nostalgia - can you guess what ads these screenshots are from?

11 hours ago

Toddler scolds her Dad after he leaves the toilet seat up

"How many times do I have to tell you - when you put the seat up... to put it down for me!?"


Mum was speechless when their dog threw daughter to save her

They say rescue dogs are the best but some people worry about aggressive traits they have taught


Woman jailed for playing Ed Sheeran's song on repeat

If you ever thought your love for Ed Sheeran's music was almost criminal - be careful because it could land you in jail.


Stranger shows up and takes rejected boy to homecoming dance

Daniel, 17, has Down Syndrome and dreamed of going to his homecoming dance but was sadly turned down by every girl he asked.


Nancy Cartwright shocks 13-year-old with Bart Simpson voice

One young teen took a while to realise he was meeting the voice of a cartoon character he had been growing up watching.


Dad "motivates" son with massive sign at basketball game

Sometimes, dads have to be supportive with some tough love.


Mum surprises daughter with 'Beauty and the Beast' tickets

This little girl just loves 'Beauty and the Beast', and she couldn't hold back her excitement!


Can you make it through the world's most unsatisfying video?

They call it "the most unsatisfying video in the world ever made", and it's bound to trigger your over compulsive tendencies for perfection.


5 Hilarious pics showing why women live longer than men

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