'Beauty and the Beast' shows what was really filmed before CGI

The magic of computers, and two very good actors!

4 hours ago

Newshub presenter shames husband on live TV for forgetting their anniversary

"Never give a scorned wife a national platform..."

9 hours ago

The unbelievable crash Kiwi Scott Dixon walked away unharmed

Kiwi Scott Dixon has walked away unscathed from a horrific crash during the Indy 500 Monday morning (NZ time).

10 hours ago

Teens wear croissants instead of corsages for school balls

When spelling mistakes start viral trends...


Make Nutella more grown-up with Nutella Sprinkle Shots

It's not just a delicious hazelnut spread!


Kiwi gets invite to Queen's exclusive party with NZ loophole

Kiwis, grab your passports!


Aussie woman explains everything that's wrong with her Magnum ice cream

Because one is never enough.


Young student accuses teacher of committing war crimes

This kid could grow up to be a great lawyer one day...


Dog immortalised as honorary student in school yearbook

A proud pooch has become one of the most popular members of class.


Wife rages after Husband steals their daughter's Fidget Spinner

Was it fair for him to take it?


Mum gives passive aggressive how-to for toilet roll changing

Here's a lesson to those who don't know about replacing the empty toilet roll...


Chocolate might help reduce risk of heart issues says new study

Chocolate lovers take note.