Shannon McSkimming: Boxing / Cricket
Hey everyone,
As I said I had nationals last week with weigh in held on the  Tuesday morning and fighting starting the Wednesday,  I weighed in under my weight category and had to wait till the afternoon to find the draw of my fights. Finding out the two South Island boxers had pulled out of the competition and another fighter stepping up to a different category meant that I had to fight in a straight final against an opponent from Waikato.
 It was good to watch the fights throughout the week with some really interesting fights. There were teams from Fiji and also Australia making the 5 day tournament much better. I did not fight till the Saturday and was quite nervous before I competed because I was under pressure as i had been selected in the NZ  team so losing may have changed their decision. The fight was not easy at all as the fighter did not stop coming forward but I still managed to win the bout 45 points to 20 giving him an 8 count in the last round. I was rapped with the win and had defiantly confirmed myself in the NZ youth team which made me so pleased. This is my third consecutive nationals title which makes me so happy just thinking about it.
 With worlds just a month and a bit away I am very confident and am starting to train even harder than I have before. I hopefully have my fight against the Aussie champion in my division before I leave and my coach is trying to sort that out now. I will have to travel to different gyms around the north island to get good sparring before I leave so I have quite a busy but good month ahead of me.
I’d like to thank youth town, Taupo Times, More FM, Taupo Sports Advisory, Chris and Cindy Smith ans also my school Taupo-Nui-A-Tia for all the help It makes things a lot easier and I really appreciate it. Now I just have to go away to worlds and bring back a medal to make everything worth it.
Thanks a lot
Shannon mcskimming

Hi Guys
It's Shannon McSkimming here, I apologise for the wait on updating you but I have beeen finding it difficult to get fights this year.
Now that the boxing season is getting right into action I will start to update you monthly. I am training four times a week and also on a strict diet. I have stepped up a grade and am now in the youth grade which is is 16-18 year old age group.
My season started my being invited to a Pro -Am event in Brisbane in April this year, I lost to the australian national champion it was a good fight and worth the trip.
In May  I competed in the North Island Golden Gloves tournament beating a boxer from the South Island and also beating the New Zealand three time National Champion who had been competing  in the grade  above me. I was really pleased with the win beating him 13 points to 8. By winning this I was selected to to trial at the New Zealand Youth Boxing trials. I also received the trophy for the most scientific youth boxer at the Golden Glaves. The trials consisted of two North Island and two South island fighters.  I went straight through to the finals against the same boxer I beat at the North Island Golden Gloves  After the first round I was down in points 4-1 then I upped my performance and ended up winning 14-9. I was wrapped with the win and have just had confirmation that I have been selected for the New Zealand Youth team in the 56 kg catergory, this team will travel to Thailand to compete in the World Youth Champhionships in October.
Last week I travelled to Tauranga and competed in the Central North Island championships. I won my fight very convincingly stopping my opponent in the first round . I also won the most scientific fighter at the tournament and earned a trophy fo this.
I am feeling on top of the world after finding out I have been selected for the New Zealand team again and now it is time for me to focus on training hard and putting everything I have into it so I will be ready for success in Thailand.
I would like to thank everybody in the team Taupo Scholarships. Smith Sport Shoes, More FM, Taupo Times and Youth Town for their Support.
Shannon Mcskimming.