Shaun Warnock: Rock Climbing
D.O.B                        20/07/1998
Main Sport              Rock Climbing
Other Sport             Rugby, Skiing, Free style mountain biking
Favourite Music     Eminem, 6sixty, 30 seconds to mars,
                                    I like most rock music        
I am a year 9 student at Taupo Nui a Tia college I am 13 years old and I have been rock climbing for 4 years this year will be my 4th year doing competitions, last year I won 4 out of 5 regional comps and 3 out of 4 National comps.  I also love other sports, I played Soccer for 7 years then last year I played rugby for the 1st time and loved it, I also really enjoy skiing and riding my free style mountain bike.  I have tried lots of other things over the last few years including road racing and team tri’s which I did quite well in this year I ended but representing my school for Javelin in the central north Islands and came second then went to the north Islands and got a 6th.
Hi All
well its been a busy month and i have been training hard, i have competed in three competitions. 1st one was on the 20th of May in Otrohaunga this was the last of the regional series I climbed again in the under 18's, i was very happy with my climbs and i came away with a fourth.

Then on Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th of June i climbed in the 2nd competition of the National series,  I felt really good climbing and i came away with a third.  then on Friday the 22nd of June i attended the B.O.P junior secondary schools bouldering competition in Mount Manganui, our school team got third in the competition and i came away with 1st place in the individual category.
I have two more National Competitions to go this Year and possibly the National cup competition (in Christchurch) so i will keep you informed on how i get on
Thanks Shaun Warnock

Hi Guys
Sorry its been awhile since my last update been very busy with training and of course school
Well i had my 1st National competition for the year in Wanaka on the 28th and 29th of April I had a pretty good 1st climb and I almost topped it, my 2nd climb was okay but my 3rd climb wasn't so good I lost my footing and ended up slipping but I'm still very happy and came away with a fourth place.  On the Sunday night  we had the trails for the New Zealand team for the 2012 worlds.  Unfortunately i didn't make the team but the organisers rang and said they thought i was a promising climber and they will be watching me over the next year for worlds in Canada 2013.
On the 6th of May we went to Mount Manganui for the 4th in the Regional series again i challenged my self and climbed in the under 18's i was very happy with all my climbs and came away with a 2nd.  
So thats about all for now training hard out and looking forward to the rest of my competitions
cheers Shaun
Hi Every one
Well i have been training hard out and have had another regional competition, this time in Hamilton, this was on Sunday the 1st of April again I climbed in the grade above me but this time i wasn't so lucky and came away with a Fourth which I'm still very happy with.
 I am off to Wanaka this weekend for the start of the National series which i am hopping to do well in.  On Sunday night after the competition I will also be trialing for the New Zealand team to go to worlds
I will send another email next week when i get back to let you all know how I went in Wanaka
Thanks Shaun Warnock

It was the first comp of the regional series in Rotorua on I entered in the under 18’s instead of the under 16’s to challenge myself I had 3 great climbs and came away with a 2nd.  Then it was the Taupo comp on Saturday 10th of March again I entered in the under 18’s and again I came away with a 2nd.   Travelling to Hamilton this weekend for the 3rd regional comp in a series of 5.
I’m really happy with my progress so far this year hopping to get a 1st in one of the regional comps.

Shaun Warnock