Joe Cotton from More FM Nights with Joe Cotton presents "Cat Wars"! An arena where cuddly kitties go head to head with precious cats.
It's a no holds barred cute fest.. battling to find the most adorable cat in the land.
If you think your cat could be the cutest, dare to let others decide!
Upload a  photos of your cat  below and you could be in to win a $50 Animates voucher. AND be crowned next weeks champion of "Cat Wars"!
April first week: Kumo vs. Stinky
Winner: Kumo
April second week: Libby vs. Ginger
Winner: Libby
Don't forget to cast your vote for this week's competitors!
Fernando: He wakes us very early in the morning               Sox: She's a troble-maker and loves stopping you from
by swiping items onto the floor or pushing his very                  making the bed by playing in the sheets.
wet nose on mine!
Who is cuter, Fernando or Sox?

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