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Story 1

Well, I was getting over my marriage break up when a friend of mine arranged a blind date for me with one of her friends. It seemed to be going well and I was relieved that he was not ugly or had disgusting skin or smelly breath. He seemed like a true gentleman and at the end of the night he leaned across to kiss my cheek goodnight.........

He was wearing braces on his teeth and my hair was long and yes you guessed it...... My hair got stuck, very stuck in his braces!!!! I pulled and his head came with my hair.... I pulled again and still could not free my hair. I am protective about my locks so was horrified when he suggested we shuffle into the kitchen and get some scissors!!!! With no choice we did exactly that, shuffled together, (too close for comfort!!) and I had to cut off some of my hair.

I told the guy, whose name was Andy that I would prefer not to see him again!! I found out from our mutual 'friend' that he had trouble getting the hair out of his brace, not like I cared my hair was my concern!! 

Story 2

Was many years ago, i was about 18, Had met this guy and it was our first date. for the past couple of days id had an insane toothache, and was taking pain killers. Anyway date went really really well, until the point of the end of night kiss. The kiss was great, but part way through i could taste this pleghm like substance.....and so could he!!!! Turns out id had an abcess under a tooth and it had burst! so so gross!.....needless to say i never got anymore texts or kisses :( 

Story 3 

A good few years ago I worked in a local supermarket, in the grocery department there was this really hot guy that I fancied like mad.I plucked up the courage and asked him out he said yes and we would meet at a local bar. At that time the bar had floor to ceiling mirrors on the back wall. I was nervous and uncomfortable and sat at the bar waiting for this guy to come.

After about ten minutes I had to go to the bathroom, and walked towards the back wall. I did not realize that the back end of the bar was actually a reflection of the front end. Not only did I walk straight into the mirror but I excused myself to my own reflection. At that moment, my date walked in. Sufficed to say, it didn’t work out!

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