Married at First Sight Australia couple talk about going from bride to baby


It's the first 'Married at First Sight' baby!
'Married at First Sight Australia' season one couple Alex and Zoe have discussed what it's now like to move to the next stage in their lives together. 
The only successful couple to still be together after the social experiment are celebrating their love and Zoe's growing baby bump in a recap episode for the newest 'Married at First Sight' season.
"It was a huge risk," says Alex, talking about the TV show. "And I can't believe I'm here now with Zoe, and she's pregnant. And I couldn't be happier."
"And she can't escape!" Zoe jokes. 
"I think Zoe's going to be a great mum, and I really look forward to it," says Alex.
"I couldn't have picked a better person - not that I picked the person!" he jokes. 
Watch the clip below: 

source: data archive