Parenting expert claims sharing is not caring and we should stop teaching it to our kids

Not sure how we feel about this one...

5 hours ago

Pātea Māori Club celebrates 40 years of 'Poi E'

"A very emotional but beautiful time"

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'Friends' star Lisa Kudrow surprises Kiwis by being spotted out and about in NZ city

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The internet is up in arms over this 'offensively' milky cup of tea

Someone lock 'em up!


Quiz: Which 90's TV show do you live in?

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You Can Now Get Paid To Drink Wine On Holiday

This sounds like a dream job

How much do Home and Away extras get paid?

Could you act as if it's summer, on the beach in a bikini…when it’s really the middle of winter!

Mum wants to change her son's 'inconvenient' birthday and it’s dividing parents.

There’ll be a few people in a similar situation.

Teachers reveal the 'parenting types' which breed the naughtiest kids

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Woman claims we've all been cooking pasta wrong this entire time

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