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Kiwi music to discover, with thanks to NZ On Air

Hear these great new Kiwi tracks on More FM this month!

ZED - Future You

ZED are back with new music and have delivered their first single ‘Future You' from their forthcoming album, set for release early 2024.

After the decision to get back into the studio shortly after a successful 20 year celebration of their debut album, the band quickly found their ‘old meets new’ sound.

“Future You was probably one of the first true writing collaborations between the whole band, which had paved a new way of working together and set the tone for the remaining tracks we recorded to finish the album,” bassist Ben Campbell explains. “It’s exciting to be making and releasing music with ZED again after a 20 year hiatus, the unique skills and personalities that make up a band dynamic; there’s nothing else quite like it.”

Georgia Lines - Romeo

Singer/songwriter Georgia Lines is back with her synth-pop stadium-ready anthem, ‘Romeo’.

“Romeo is about the reality of the tensions you can sometimes feel in a relationship and wanting the ease of the “Romeo” fantasy,” she explains of her 80s inspired synth track.

“Romeo went through so many changes, so many versions, so many different versions of the choruses,” says Georgia. “At one stage we almost threw the baby out with the bathwater and deleted the entire chorus for a whole day. When we had a break and gained some sonic perspective/fresh ears, we realized “wait”; we’ve literally deleted everything that made the song so great!”

“The track follows on from the pop era I have been in over the last little while. Following on from 'Nothing But Love' and 'Monopoly', 'Romeo' closes the pop chapter before launching into my debut album.”

Cassie Henderson - Ghost

Cassie Henderson continues to make history with her chart-topping single, 'Whatever,' securing its place as the most played Kiwi song on NZ radio for nine consecutive weeks.

In her follow up, a new story unfolds as the lead track on 'The Pink Chapter' EP.

Ghost, is an emotive uptempo ballad that explores the haunting aftermath of a love that once was.

As Cassie eloquently puts it, "Love is the death of reason. Just because you burnt the bridge doesn't mean you wouldn't walk through the fire."