Sexy Ideas For Bedroom Dress Up


Sometimes we can feel like things need a little 'warming up' in the bedroom department. You know how it have each other's moves down pat, you know the routine, it's the same thing night in, night out, but that little voice in your head says, couldn't there be something more?
Well there can...I'm not suggesting you get mega kinky with whips and chains and all sorts, I'm just suggesting a little harmless dress up. Dressing up in the bedroom is fun, sexy and liberating. When you put that little outfit on, you suddenly feel like a different person! And trust me, your man will love it. Check out some of sexiest dress up ideas below...


Typical right? But it works a treat! Think about how much men love to be tended to...dressing up like a nurse and seeing to their every 'need' will get you some major payback.


Ever since Hugh Hefner put bunny ears and a tail on hot blondes in the 70s and 80s, the look has been iconic of sexy women. This is a classic outfit that is fun and ever so slightly naughty and innocent at the same time.


Men love these looks...the sexy glasses, the prim and proper appearance on the outside with the hot woman inside, it's a winner! And he won't be able to wait 5 minutes before tearing your clothes off.


Now this is a cute, playful and hot all at the same time. You can get some amazing little outfits if you go to the right shop...make sure you warm up and stretch first so you can hit all the right positions.

French Maid

I only added this one cos it is such a sexy outfit! Little black skirt, white apron, little white hat and! Guaranteed to get your man excited about what's hiding underneath.


Imagine dressing up as a cowgirl while doing the cowgirl...amazing! This is an easy one to do: tight Daisy Duke hotpants, teeny little shirt, boots and a cowboy hat. Done.


Another oldie but a goodie...depending on what your man likes, you might wanna go angelic or devilish. Opt for a sheer babydoll in either red or white lace, matching undies and a little halo or devil horns. Cute or what?!

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