The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys crown final winner


All four teams walked away as successful auction winners at the grand final for The Block NZ: Girls vs Boys.
Sam and Emmett, also known as the Purple team, won the biggest profit from tonight's big auction on season 5's finale, walking away with $480,000 after their house sold $380,000 over their reserve. Their $1.61 million dollar house achieved the biggest profit in The Block NZ history, beating the profit record of $227,000 - originally achieved by Season 3's Alex & Corban.
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Blue team Emma and Courtney came second and pocketed a nice $300,000 after their house sold for $1.51 million.
This was followed by Orange Team Dyls and Dylz, and Yellow Team Niki and Tiff who won $151,000 and $150,000 over their reserves when the Meadowbank houses sold for $1.341 million and $1.320 million respectively.
The fifth season's People's Choice Award winners were Dyls and Dylz who got to take home a brand new Honda HRV Sport X.
In season four's Block 'Villa Wars' last year, Brooke and Mitch won $290,000. Series three's 2014 winners Alex & Corban Walls won a huge $307,000. Series two in 2013 saw Alice and Caleb Pearson take home $261,000, and series one inaugural winners Libby and Ben Crawford took home $237,000 in 2012.

source: data archive