More FM Jingle Bail's Hundy Club

For those who donate $100 or more during Jay-Jay, Flynny & Jase's show, we added your name or business to our exclusive list - The Grand Band or The Hundy Club!

💰More FM Jingle Bail's GRAND BAND💰

The entire region of Manawatu
Phil Sims
Tash Kelleher
Finn's Fudge (Jo)
David Rodgers // Lanta Interiors + Construction Limited
Mike Pero
Whangarei Storage Center (Steph)

💸More FM Jingle Bail's HUNDY CLUB💸

Jodi Clarke
Freddy's Concrete Cutting & Demolition, Lower Hutt
Preeti Desai
Edwards & Hardie Roofing - Tasman Region
Northwest Cleaning Services

Samantha Parker
Kimmy Topping
Ange Rathbone
Eddie Aarons
Alexander Black
Tash Kelleher
Tracy Latta
Pulse Networks Ltd (Hester)
Dave's Carpets Instillations (Robyn)
Kath Bennett (Chrissy)
CFC Equipment Ltd Nelson (Dave)
Jill Andrews
Dulux Lower Hutt
Rosemaree Dobson
Judith Cole
Glowing Sky Ltd (Nicola)
Edwards & Hardie Roofing - Canterbury Region - (Kyle Blackman)
Steve & Margie from goldsworthy Construction
Nicola Supyk
Monique Curtain
Ella Venske
Deane Venske
Sydney Horn
Gabriella Matthews
Big Value Tyres (Cheryl Hastings)
Happy Reaper (Tiff Hough)
Ngo Family
Tandem Travel Wellington
Rose Doolan
Leigh Robinson
Katie Mora
Teresa Peters