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Expert claims woman should sleep with an ice pack for better sleep

Expert claims placing ice in a bizarre location helps with a good night's sleep

Struggle to get some quality shut-eye?
16 March 2022 6:46AM

Struggle to get quality sleep? One expert on TikTok believes the secret is getting a good night's sleep is with an icepack in an unusual location - between the breasts.

Alan Mendell, aka the Motivational Doc on TikTok, shared his unusual hack explaining that putting something cold on the torso helps activate the “vagus nerve”.

“Which helps calm you down,” he says. “So take an ice pack and put it on your chest."

He advised wrapping the ice pack up in a cloth to avoid freeze burns, and placing it there for up to 15 minutes. 

The odd sleeping suggestion has had some feedback that it's effective - with one woman commenting  that it "helps my panic attacks and hot flashes 100%".

Another person referenced that people who hate to sleep while feeling hot would embrace this tactic, while someone else suggested they use "on my throat when I'm nauseous."

But amongst those comments are people who have had no luck with the chilled up chest.

“Did it 3 nights in a row…DID NOT WORK,” one person said.

“Doesn’t work for those who are always extremely cold,” someone else added.

So if you if you're stressed out and need to chill (literally), the ice pack could have some effectiveness for you!

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