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Mum creates genius baby playpen using a fitted sheet

Mum creates genius baby playpen using a fitted sheet

A brilliant idea, and so easy to clean!
23 March 2022 4:29PM

Being a parent is an expensive challenge for most; if you want your baby to have their own little space, but don’t fancy splashing out on a pricey playpen, then we have found a super easy  (and cheap alternative).

Using the fitted sheet as her base of her playpen, she uses four boxes of toys in each corner to keep the fitted sheet open, then lines the fitted sheet with playmats.

After that, all the toys that her baby plays with stay contained within the fitted sheet. Best part - she can take her playpen down and wash it easily!

The video was originally posted to Tiktok and has received over 4 million views and thousands of comments. “Wow, three kids and kids grandkids, not once thought of that!?!? Awesome!” one viewer gushed.

“Omggg this is SO SMART!” agreed a second. “My cheap husband would love this!

Others said that this hack would also be perfect for the beach to stop sand getting all over your belongings.

“Something like this could work for the beach too!” suggested one thoughtful viewer. “Just the four bins on the corners holding your stuff put a canopy over it.”