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Mum's foolproof hack to get 15 minutes of peace from kids

Mum's foolproof hack to get 15 minutes of peace from kids

Just takes a mop and a splash of bleach!
9 March 2022 6:16PM

A mum has shared her genius method of getting a bit of time to herself when she needs it - and she's encouraged other parents to try this.

For lots of parents, having a bit of time to yourself is a big ask - with kids running to them with questions, requests for food and complaints about their siblings.

However, one mum, who shares her motherhood stories on TikTok, reckons she's found a genius way of getting time to herself so she can have a nice, relaxing shower.

Her secret involves a splash of bleach in the sink, a mop, and telling the kids that they can't leave their room for the next 15 minutes because she's just mopped the floor. 

Winking to viewers, she then says: "You're welcome."

Other mums commented on the video-sharing their own parenting hacks which make their day to day lives easier.

One said: "A good tip for the toddler Mums - hold up a baby wipe and threaten to clean their faces, guaranteed they run the opposite direction."

Another said: "I used to put ABBA on then they’d all disappear. Worked every time. That or ask them to help. Like magic, they vanished."