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TikTok video shows how easy it is to regrow lettuce in a bowl at home

TikTok video shows how easy it is to regrow lettuce in a bowl at home

We'd give anything a go if we can save a few dollars on the grocery bill!
25 March 2022 4:04PM

From cleaning life hacks to cooking tricks, you will come across new and easier things to try out and this one has definitely blown thousands of minds including ours. Especially with grocery prices being really expensive these days, it will save us a few dollars every week. 

A video of a woman regrowing her lettuce is going viral on TikTok at the moment. 

User @crystaljade1284 on TikTok chopped the lettuce into small pieces including the 'head of the lettuce, put them into a bowl and then added water to it. She shows short clips of the progress of the lettuce, and in the end of the video you can see a fully crown lettuce leaf.

Someone asked if she put the bowl of lettuce and water in the fridge and also how often she changed the water. To which she replied, "I kept em on the counter and my windowsill and changed the water every other day, that took two weeks. Then I planted them in the ground yesterday".

This video currently has 4.8 million views. 


"Can I do this with money 💰 😂" one joked. 

One user commented about it tasting bitter after regrowing it for the fourth time. To which another user replied, "2 or 3 is 6-9 dollars... im good with that! trying this😁"

People were extremely delighted to learn this.

"Why do we learn more on tiktok? 😂🤝"