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$8 Kmart hack for the perfect portable cheese platter

This easy solution will have you rushing to the store.
19 April 2022 3:38PM

These days, grazing tables are all the rage and, of course, Kmart has come to the party with one product to help upgrade our platter skills.

Whether it's for an event, just for the family, or even a cute picnic, a grazing table is a simple solution to make a snack look amazing. 
However, we all know the struggle of trying to transport our work of art when we don't have the time to set up the grazing board there.

One smart mum from across the ditch has solved the problem thanks to one easy little product from Kmart. 

$8 Kmart hack for the perfect portable cheese platter

Tina shared her hack to a 'Kmart Hacks & Decor' Facebook group, where she simply uses the $8 'bamboo drawer tidy' from Kmart to not only organise but also transport her grazing plates easily.

Tina also offers some advice on how to make your plate appear as mouthwatering as it tastes.

  • Keep it simple and place things neatly with a pop of colour. I’ve used the berries as the red is pretty.

  • Fill the gaps with things like nuts, fruit, chocolate, even lollies to give it a fuller look.

  • Line them with cool paper to give them that little bit extra.

If you're looking for a little platter inspiration, we recommend checking out the grazing platter company ‘Amazing Grazers’ on TikTok. 

Your platter should be a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.
To achieve that, they suggest eating the rainbow by incorporating as many edible colours as you can. 

Source: Yahoo!