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Bride goes viral for $47 wedding dress and $500 wedding

It only took two months to plan!
21 April 2022 6:39PM

Talk about a low-cost wedding, one bride has gone viral after claiming to have spent under $500 USD on the entire day (about $736.65 NZD).

Kiara Brokenbrough shared a video on TikTok of her wedding with the caption, “This is for people who want to get married but they think they need money to do so. You don’t!”

This raised a couple questions, with peple  doubting that just over $730 would pay for the bridal gown as well.

In response to those who questioned her, Kiara made a follow up video which has almost 1 million views.

Showing off her wedding dress, Kiara announced that her gown was only $47 USD, about $69 NZD, from online retailer SHEIN.

Kiara explained on social media why she decided to go for the cheaper option.

The couple were also gifted the runner, flowers and cake, plus guests paid for their own food at the reception.
…and check out their wedding video, just beautiful. 

Source: Yahoo!