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Mum's Brilliant experiment to get her kids to help with the cleaning

One mum has shared her unique approach to motivate her children to clean up after themselves.
20 April 2022 4:52PM

It's always a struggle getting the kids to clean up after themselves, but a mother from Massachusetts might just have solved that for us. Nadine King noticed an Uno card that had been sitting on her hallway floor for a while, so she decided to run a little experiment.

She taped $50 to the card and placed it facedown, directly outside her sons' bedrooms. 

For days she wondered how long it would take for them to pick it up and find the cash. 

Almost three weeks later the note finally disappears… but the card remained on the floor!

Perhaps $50 per Uno card might be a little steep, but it's a good experiment to see if the kids notice the mess they make. 

Source: Tyla.com