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Professional Cleaner reveals the $5 Kmart item she swears by

This is going to change the way we clean the bathroom!
29 April 2022 8:29PM

Professional cleaner, Kacie Stephens, has shared her must-have cleaning tool from Kmart…and it's only $5?!

Kacie made a post on her TikTok, The Big Cleaning Co, saying there is no need to ‘get fancy’, and using pricey equipment or harsh chemicals is just a waste of time.
Instead, she swears by the 2-in-1 Anko branded Dish Brush. 

She cleans the grout with the scourer before moving on to the glass with the sponge.
Kacie also recommended that people keep the scrubber in the shower, making little touch-ups easy and quick. 

Her video went viral around the world, racking up over 376,000 views on her page, The Big Cleaning Co. 
One person commented, "Omg I need one," while another added, "It cleans your bathroom amazingly and the floors.” 


Source: Yahoo!