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School makes terrible decision having picture day on St Patrick's Day

School makes terrible decision having picture day on St Patrick's Day

The luck of the Irish didn't work out on picture day!
4 April 2022 5:34PM

This isn't quite the luck of the Irish - but this will make one hilarious photo for the family wall!

An American elementary school were very surprised to see their kids school photos return with an unfortunate hilarious gaff - their kids had blended into their school picture backgrounds.

The children of Sugar Grove Elementary School were sent to school in green attire on St Patrick's Day last month, which was poorly planned to be the same day as school picture day.

So while their kids were ready for a 'green party', they were not prepared for the 'green background' that they were inevitably photoshopped against.

Parents couldn't help but laugh when the digital proofs of their children's school photos saw their children's heads floating above grass fields and white fences.

Amanda Snow, who sent her six-year-old son Oliver to the school, said her son was covered head to toe in green, including a green mohawk which completely disappeared in the photo.

"It was kind of hard to explain to him what was happening, because he's 6,” said his mother.

The photo company involved said the digital proofs were processed quickly and had not gone through post-production before parents were notified. They assured the "final product" will be fixed before photos could be printed.

"I might reach out to the company and see if I can get the unedited ones, because honestly, they've brought me so much joy and laughter over the last day,” said Amanda.