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The good, the bad and the downright ugly: These 90s fashion trends are back in 2022

The good, the bad and the downright ugly: These 90s fashion trends are back in 2022

Scrunchies? We can live with that. Low rise jeans, however….
27 April 2022 3:26PM

Ah, the 90s. It was a simpler time. 

Cell phones were either the size of a brick or small enough to be snapped shut with one hand, and 'social distancing' was nothing more than the one-meter rule teachers enforced between boys and girls dancing at the disco.

Then, of course, there was the fashion. Off the back of the shoulder pads, spandex and big hair of the 80s, came the more casual, grungier and rebellious looks of the 90s. 

Some of the trends were fabulous, and some don't bear thinking about, but whether we like it or not, a LOT of them are back in 2022. 

Pump up your platforms, dig out the body glitter, and blast some 90s hits on your boombox, (then go and submit your votes for More FM’s Top 99 of the 90’s Countdown) because...

Here are the 90s fashion trends making a comeback:

Sure, the scrunchies of the modern-day are a little less 'Suzy Cato' than we remember, but they're well and truly back. And honestly? We're not complaining.

They're much more comfortable to wear on your wrist, they do less damage to your hair and they look cute as hell. 

Bike shorts
If they were good enough for Princess Diana, they're good enough for us - bike shorts have gone beyond the gym once more.

Di's 'baggy jumper, bike shorts and running shoes' look became iconic in the 90s and these days, it's being revisited with a twist.

Think less athleisure, more corporate crossover - paired with a blazer and heels or an oversized shirt.

Low rise jeans
Arguably the most heinous, cruel and evil of all the 90s fashion trends, low rise jeans have somehow made their way back onto the scene, and we're this close to calling the fashion police. 

Having spent over a decade pulling up our pants and sucking in our tummies, we couldn't have been more relieved when high-waisted pants came back into vogue. Never again would we worry about 'muffin-tops' or our kidneys getting too cold.

Or so we thought. 

Platform shoes
The Spice Girls' phenomenon of "Girl Power"  was all about short skirts and tall shoes, AKA the platform.

Clearly, the next generation is blissfully unaware of the many rolled ankles and trips to A+E this footwear choice brings, but we're happy to sit back in our flats and let them figure that out for themselves. 

Cargo Pants
One of the most frustrating things about women's fashion is the lack of pockets - even when you buy a jacket or a pair of jeans, you can bet at least 40% of the pockets are fake.

Cargo pants, with their many compartments, extra roomy fit and ability to be zipped off at the knee, offer a solution, but we're not so sure we can pull off the 'Lara Croft from Tomb Raider' look in 2022. 

Claw clips
After their heyday in the 90s, the humble claw clip was banished, only being used to hold hair out of the way during a shower or while putting on make-up.

Now, it's being worn outside the confines of the bathroom with pride once more, and in an array of chic new colours and styles - but nothing beats the tortoiseshell. 

No one did a flannel shirt quite like a Nirvana fan, and frankly, we wonder if anyone should do flannel…ever again.

It's a fine line between stylish grunge and just looking like a lumberjack, but Gen Z seems to be ready to walk it. 

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