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US giant Costco opens 24-pump petrol station with cheapest fuel in area

The wholesale brand is making a name for itself in the market
28 April 2022 4:47PM

US wholesale brand Costco has opened its first fuel station in New Zealand, and is now offering the cheapest priced petrol in the Auckland region. 

The massive 24-pump fuel station is currently selling 91 octane petrol for 246.7 cents a litre, 95 for 259.7 cents and diesel for 209.7 cents a litre - priced 10 cents cheaper than it's nearest competitior according to the Gaspy app

However, the only catch is that you need to have a Costco membership to be able to get fuel from their station. 

The membership fee is $60 for Goldstar and $55 for Business annually. 

Along with opening a fuel station, their wholesale store is set to open soon and provide the best deals and prices to Kiwis. 

"I think we'll be offering groceries at a better price for sure, and the local market will be using a global supply chain and New Zealand supply chain and Australia to bring groceries to market," Patrick Noone, Costco Australia and New Zealand Director told Today FM. 

"You pay a membership at Costco and the whole idea of the membership is for us to give you a discount on your regular purchases."

When asked about how it was possible to sell at cheaper prices, he said, "We don't have 30,000 items that you'd see at some local markets. We have three and a half thousand items".

"One peanut butter, we'll buy that peanut butter in pallets or truckloads we'll send it to the warehouse and it'll be stocked by a pallet or a forklift", he added.

"It's a larger size. So we don't have the item count. We don't have all that packaging to be involved with that transportation. So very, very efficient logistics chain. And that efficiency runs right through the consumer."

The first Costco fuel station is  now open in 2 Gunton Drive, Westgate Auckland. 

Costco is the world's second-largest retailer after Walmart stocking everything from electronics to homeware.