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Viral tip to falling asleep faster

The secret might just lie in our feet...?
22 April 2022 12:00PM

Some nights getting to sleep is a bit of a struggle, but a doctor has shared their absurdly easy method to help get to sleep faster. 

The tips were posted on TikTok, which has racked up 29 million views claiming that keeping your feet warm before bed is the key to falling asleep faster.

Having cold feet causes your blood vessels to contract, resulting in less blood flowing throughout your body. But just by wearing socks to bed you can reduce your core temperature and boost circulation. 
There were some mixed reviews to this, with people commenting “I can’t sleep without wearing socks. Actually, I can’t live without them”.
While some people weren't as sure, “Wearing socks to bed is a sin!” joked one user

Jay Riggs of Zeal CBD added that feet can be related to sleep through relaxation and pressure points.

So there we go, the solution to a good night's sleep is a foot massage. Time to tell the hubby… 

Source: Yahoo!