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You've been tying your dressing gown wrong this whole time?!

Once again our everyday life skills are being tested...
5 April 2022 1:16PM

We're definitely heading into winter, so it's time to crack out the warm, toasty dressing gown... BUT apparently, we've been doing it wrong our whole lives? 

TikTok creator Cassidy Bybee (@itscassidybybee) has come to our rescue with this super simple trick to make your dressing gown even more comfortable. 
Check it out below...

That simple but effective adjustment is sure to keep you feeling super snug and secure through our chilly months. 

People have become obsessed with this hack, commenting that they were excited to try it out for themselves.  "What!?!? 😱 trying this today!", while another wrote, "You flipping GENIUS!!!!!".

We can confirm it 100% works after many commenters have tried it out and LOVED it! "I've been doing this for the last few months... amazing!!"


Source: Tyla