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Bride Fires Maid Of Honour For Choice Of Plus One

Do you think this is a fair reason?
14 May 2022 12:00PM

A bride has shared how her maid of honour was dismissed over her plus one invite. She turned to Reddit to seek some feedback after revealing she had fired her maid of honour from her position just two weeks before the wedding.

She started by saying her friend was insisting on her bringing her boyfriend to the wedding, even though that boyfriend was in fact the bride's ex.

While the bride claimed that she was fine with her best friend dating her ex, having him at her wedding was a step too far.

She stated that when it came to all the important wedding stuff, the maid of honour was either always with him and too drunk to go anywhere, or straight up ignored her.

Then she gets a message saying “hey, I have a question.” “ So, umm, (insert boyfriend's name) is going to be at the wedding.” 
First off that's not really a question, more of a demand, and second, the bride and her husband to be had already agreed there would be no exes at the wedding.

The bride stated that as the wedding date approached, they attempted to meet to talk things over, but the maid of honour always 'blew her off.' By this point, she’d had it with them and decided to block them both as she felt they were attempting to ruin her (and her fiance's) day.

People on Reddit were in agreeance with their decision: "You are never wrong to remove toxic people from your life. Go on and be happy!"

Another added: "You are in fact incredibly patient and gave this person way more chances than she deserved for this passive-aggressive behaviour. You're better off without either of these people."

There were a couple of people being more sympathetic to the maid of honour: "it’s not her duty as MOH to help with wedding planning, finding vendors, etc. that should be done with your partner. Your wedding is not going to be everyone else’s priority. Giving ultimatums only force people to resent you, which is what it sounds like happened in the end with your friend."