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Man took his kitten to the vet only to find out she's sick of him

The total was $160 and some pain in the heart.
27 May 2022 4:31PM

Harry Jones, 25 from the UK went to the vet, spent $160 on the bills thinking his kitten was sick. She was sick, but of him! Ouch...

Turns out the pet really wanted to spend some time away from him. 

The 25-year-old said his kitten Helen had been acting a little off the last couple of weeks.

"She’s been acting a bit strange, clawing at the front door and meowing loudly, just generally acting out of character."

"I was quite worried. I thought she might have an infection or something" he added. 

Worried, he took an emergency appointment thinking it was an infection -  only for the vet to tell him that she needed space from him. 

The vet told him that physically Helen was absolutely fine and asked if anything had changed recently. Harry explained that he had an operation on his ear a few weeks ago, so was recovering at home. 

The vet said that because of that he had changed her routine as she was used to him getting out of home, out and about working.

"But now you're sat at home with her all day, she wants a bit of space" the vet told Harry. 

So turns out all he had to do was leave the house for a bit and give her space. 

Man took his kitten to the vet only to find out she's sick of him

"She’s usually quite cuddly and likes sleeping on my bed with me and things like that. But she clearly just got a bit sick of me" Harry said. 

According to Harry, Helen is extremely fed up with humans that whenever a flatmate comes home from the office, she gets cranky.

The cat dad hopes that their relationship goes back to how it was, once he's back in the office.

Poor Harry! We hope Helen's back to her cuddly self.