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Mum Shares Clever Onesie Hack And Parents Are Loving It

How did we not know this!?
12 May 2022 5:34PM

Nothing is more frustrating than having your baby's nappy leak onto their baby grow and then trying to maneuver it in just the right way to lift it off over their head without sending their mess flying.

Well, @TellezJoanna has come to our rescue and provided a creative baby-grow trick, which parents are praising.

Check out the video below…

People have expressed their surprise in the comments with one mum admitting: “Wait a minute. I'm on baby number 3 and I’m just now finding this out,”

Another added: “So you’re telling me I didn’t have to cut her out of her onesie when she had her first blowout? I was not going to let it touch her head,” 

The video is part three in a series the mum has been posting so you might want to have a little scroll through her page here