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The weekly shop may be getting a little bit cheaper

Foodstuffs are decreasing prices on everyday items by about 10%.
11 May 2022 12:00PM

If you shop at New World, PAK'nSAVE or Four Square your receipt may be getting a little cheaper soon. 

Foodstuffs have announced they are decreasing the prices of everyday items by an average of 10%.

They announced that the prices of more than 110 grocery items will be reduced to what they averaged from January 25 to April 25 last year.
And as our food costs continue to rise this is definitely what we need right now! 

The products being reduced are set to be frozen and fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products, tea, coffee, sugar, flour, and even through to personal care items like nappies and soap.

This comes after Countdown announced their ‘price freeze’ which has been heavily criticised for prioritising desserts and lollies over fruits and vegetables