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This clever trick will keep your lettuce fresh

With rising food prices this is a must know!
30 May 2022 10:59AM

It's been getting pretty expensive at the checkout recently, so it’s more important than ever to make our food last. 

That's why people took notice when Anita Birges from the professional organising company Mise en Place, posted her technique for extending the life of lettuce. 

When every dollar counts, you want to be sure you get the most out of it before those leaves go limp and brown. 

The video has received over 78.2k views on TikTok.

People were quick to comment: "I’ve tried this. And it works. Two weeks' fresh lettuce", with another adding: "I knew putting celery in foil extends it, but I didn’t know it works for lettuce" 

There was even people commenting adding their own tips too: "You can also soak the leaves in the sink with a stainless steel knife to ‘freshen’ them up, [...] No idea how that works but my mum does it."

No more soggy lettuce at the bottom of the veggie draw!