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We’ve been eating feijoas wrong all our life

This could mean less time scooping!
11 May 2022 4:12PM

We may be heading to the end of feijoa season in NZ right now, but it’s just been brought to our attention that we may have been eating them wrong all our lives! 

The TikTok has collected over 204k views, revealing the simple way to eat the fruit with ease. 

We can't believe we never tried this method before! Just use a peeler to take the skin off, and then no more scooping. 

People were quick to comment calling it “revolutionary” with another saying “I'm 35 I mean today years old too lol dang, clever”

Some weren't too sure though: “the outer layer is sour, LoL that's why it's better to scoop” 

We’re going to have to get our hands on some more Feijoas soon and give it a try...