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Bad news: Le Snaks are being discontinued

Bad news: Le Snaks are being discontinued

This is not what we needed to hear today!
23 June 2022 10:26AM

The Kiwi lunchbox staple ‘Le Snak’ will no longer be available, we have discovered.

A couple of days ago, a post on the New Zealand subreddit titled ‘PSA (and PANIC!) - Le Snaks have been discontinued’ drew our attention.

The post contains a screenshot of an email that ends with the shocking sentence:

Now, this was concerning at first, but we know not to believe everything we see online.

However, we looked into it ourselves and we hate to say it, but we can confirm the bad news - Le Snak will be gone soon.

This is devastating news. The cracker and cheese dip combination was looked forward to by thousands upon thousands of Kiwi kids every morning tea and lunch.

Other people are just as crushed and confused as we are. Redditors were calling for riots, feeling sorry for the next generation, and more. 

"I no longer recognise the world we are living in," said one person. 

"I have le shoque and la oûtrãgę," added another. 

We hate to break this news to you but it has to be done. Stock up on the little snacks while you still can and savour every bite New Zealand.