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Coffee linked to a lower death risk

Better keep the coffee jar stocked up going forward
7 June 2022 11:11AM

Great news for the coffee lovers out there as new research out of the UK has revealed that years of drinking coffee is linked to a lower risk of death. 

...With the amount of coffee we have on a Monday morning, we might end up living forever! 

Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical school Christina Wee wrote an accompanying editorial to the research, Today FM's Tova asked Wee to explain the research and share what’s in coffee that’s so good for us.

"That's what leads to plaque and blood clots and blockages in your arteries. So there are biological effects that coffee can produce, that can make beneficial effects plausible."

Tova asked Wee if the study had been done over a long period of time.
"The participants were followed for on average seven years, but they actually collected the coffee drinking information over the course of just one year. 

"There's an assumption that most people who report their patterns probably were drinking that amount for quite a while and not just that one point in time.

Tova asked Wee if the different types of coffee were equal in this research.
"In this research, what they could sort of distinguish is whether the coffee was caffeinated or decaffeinated and whether it was ground coffee as opposed to instant coffee. 

"They didn't really get to the level of if was it espresso versus sort of a regular brewed coffee? And it does make a difference because studies have shown that if you boil coffee, for example, that creates sort of substances that may have more adverse effects.

Wee says the study didn't quite tease out all those different elements.

Listen to the full interview between Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical school Christina Wee and Tova above.

You can also download the full breakdown on the Tova podcast, and listen on the go. Check it out on the rova app or wherever you get your podcasts.

Source: Today FM

Coffee linked to a lower death risk