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Five red flags sayings to look out for in a relationship

Keep an ear out for any of these.
23 June 2022 3:38PM

A clinical psychologist has shared five signs that your relationship could be toxic. 

Dr. Kirren shared her suggestions on TikTok, pointing out five phrases a manipulative person may use and their underlying meaning behind them….


“You’ve no right to be upset, you should be grateful.”


“Your feelings really don’t matter.”


“your reactions are not valid”


“I need to make sure that you keep giving me what I want.”


“If you call me out then it’s a joke, if you don’t, then it’s not.”


Check out the full video below 

With over 250,000 views and 16,400 likes, the TikTok has gone viral. 

In the comments, Dr. Kirren also pointed out the video was “Information for general educational purposes, may not apply to every situation” 

Dr. Kirren also asked her followers if they had ever been on the receiving end of any of these manipulative techniques, and it would seem that it isn't just isolated to romantic relationships.

“My ex-best friend of 30+ years said all of these,"

“Sounds exactly like my narcissistic boyfriend,” 

“I’ve lived for 30 years with ‘It’s just a joke’ and I’m too sensitive and dramatic. He’s left me now for someone else and I’m free,”