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Teacher shocked by kid’s inappropriate dog name

What could go wrong with such a nice name?
29 June 2022 2:17PM

It’s always a big decision to pick a name for your furry friend, but one mum would never believe the strife the name she picked would lead to. 

One of the teachers at her son’s preschool got in contact to explain that the pup’s name was 'extremely inappropriate' after the nearly two-year-old had been talking about his new best friend ‘Tucker’.

Completely innocent right? Tucker is a great name for a dog. 

The issue comes when the little one had a bit of an issue pronouncing his ‘T’s’, which come out sounding a bit more like an ‘F’. So suddenly Tucker becomes… well you know. 

After explaining the little mixup, and since as Tucker is a Dalmatian, the mum and teacher came up with the nickname ‘Spot’  in order to make it easier for her son to pronounce.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite stuck and he is unintentionally shouting expletives at the dog in public, despite their best attempts.

The post on Reddit went viral with others commenting their own stories of their kids confusing their letters. 

"So funny. My son at about that age was asking for a fork but kept saying f*** at a large football party. Thank goodness they all laughed."

"I loved my childhood dog named Tucker - it's a great name for a dog,"