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This air fryer bagel recipe is going viral

It’s so simple but looks good!
17 June 2022 2:57PM

With their immense versatility, air fryers have become a staple kitchen accessory in most homes. 

The more that pop up the more creative and simple recipes get discovered by users worldwide including @whatsmomcookin’s mouthwatering air-fried cinnamon bagels. 

People on TikTok have been going crazy over this recipe, with the video being viewed over 11.8 million times! 

Check out the video: 

So simple! Just spreading cream cheese and cinnamon on a bagel and placing it in the air fryer for five minutes to create a crispy yet gooey delight. 

@whatsmomcookin’s page is definitely worth scrolling through for even more recipes, check out the pizza bagel that we just kept watching on loop: