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Uber has revealed the most bizzare items Kiwis have left behind on their journey
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Uber has revealed the most bizzare items Kiwis have left behind on their journey

Imagine the lost & found bucket at Uber HQ!
2 June 2022 4:41PM

We’ve all had the wave of panic crash over us, realising we have left something important in the back of an uber. 

Usually, it’s our phone, wallet or keys but for some, the lost property is a whole lot weirder than you could ever imagine!

Lucky for us Uber has revealed the strangest (and most common) items people have left behind: 

A prosthetic eye
First of all, leaving one of your eyes behind would be tragic! But, imagine being the poor Uber driver, who goes to look under the driver's seat, and spots a singular eyeball staring right back at them. 

As if Uber drivers didn't have enough crap to deal with already!

Organic heirloom tomatoes
It's definietly a strange one but all I can think about it the lasagne that could have been...

Please send my heartfelt condolences to the owner of the forgotten fruit. 

A trophy
This is just heartbreaking. All that jubilation and pride you’d feel, only to get home, ready to show your loved ones, and it’s just GONE!!

A sentimental metal straw
What?! Why?! How?!

A family member
Finally, and probably the most concerning of all has to be leaving a family member in an uber. 

I’m not sure how? and I'm not sure why? However, this implies that there was no conversation occurring in the Uber… This also means that one passenger broke the number one unspoken rule by not asking the driver how busy their night was.

After covering all of the unusual items, the most common items lost in Ubers will come as no surprise. 

The top three items on the list are your phone, wallet, and keys - and to round it off bags and glasses are also included in the top 5 - that’s more like it!