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Woman charges a dollar every time someone asks her about pregnancy

The woman is questioning if she's taken things too far... and we think she hasn't!
3 June 2022 7:58PM

We've all had or heard someone say the infamous 'If I got a dollar every time someone..", well one mum has gone and done it! She has been using those dollars to spend on snacks and toys for the dogs.

When it comes to pregnancy, we can all agree that it can be a very sensitive subject. So when the inevitable question was frequently asked, s frustrated woman from US started charging a dollar (US$) for every time someone popped the question "When are you going to have a baby?" or any pregnancy-related questions. 

The anonymous woman who's been married for six years shared her story on Reddit and asked if she's taken things too far.

"We want [kids] but it's still not happening" she wrote on her post.

"Friends and family are causing us constant stress about having a baby soon but it's obviously something we can't control," she added. 

So, that's how she came up with the idea to keep a 'pregnancy jar'. She carries it in her bag whenever she's with her friends and family. 

"Every time someone asks about when my husband and I are gonna have a baby, I pull my jar out and ask them to drop a dollar in there for asking" she said.

Despite getting puzzled looks, their friends/family eventually reach out to their wallets or purses and pull out a dollar for the jar.

"It's actually worked because most of them stopped asking after for months" she said.

Initially, when she started with the pregnancy jar, it seemed to go all good for her but it didn't go so well with her family. This had even resulted in her brother being publicly humiliated.

Her brother had brought up the sore question about pregnancy, and she brought out her pregnancy jar. The woman got up from the chair she was sitting, walked to his brother, and asked for a dollar for the asking the question. 

"He stared at me then laughed nervously asking if I was being serious" she explained.

"I could tell he felt embarrassed he immediately reached out to his pocket, pulled out his wallet and put a dollar in my jar".

Things went a bit awkward between the siblings after that. Her mum pulled her aside and explained how this is embarrassing for her brother, and to not act childish. 

"I told her they should quit asking then" she said.

"She went on about how they're just worried for us since we are in mid-30s and don't have much time left if we want at least one healthy baby - I got upset and she started arguing" she added. 

Reddit users were supportive with her take on how she wanted people to stop asking her the question. 

"Seriously! This is a funny, creative, and light-hearted way to address this!" one Reddit user wrote.

"Reciprocity is a beautiful thing really" another wrote.

"Not asking is free" a third agreed. 

"Oooh, this is good. She could tape a sign on the jar:

Not asking when I'm going to have a kid: $0

Asking the first time: $1

Additional questions: $5 each" a user suggested this idea.