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Woman Shares a trick that stops the pot from boiling over

Oh wow! We were today year's old!
2 June 2022 1:28PM

One woman on TikTok has discovered a hack to avoid the messy overflow of water when you boil in a pot. This video currently has 2 million views at the moment, and everyone is mindblown.

She takes a paper towel, and adds a little bit of oil to it. She then takes the paper towel and wipes it around the inner rim of the pot.

She shows her results and the boiling water is under control and in the pot. 

According to the lady, any oil can be used - olive, vegetable, or canola.

“Any one of them will keep the water in” she replied to comment when asked about what oil could be used. 

Viewers are mindblown by this.

“You saved my life🥰🥰🥰” one user wrote.

“Why do they not teach tgis stuff in school! I was today years old for like the millionth time” someone wrote. 

“Wait what???? Are you serious 😳😳” another user wrote. To which she replied, “Works every time! Best trick”.

“This might save my husband's sanity cause I'm always boiling over 😂” a third wrote.