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Charlie Puth to release third album in October

Charlie Puth will release his third album in October.
15 July 2022 2:43PM

Charlie Puth has announced his third, self-titled studio album.

The 'How Long' hitmaker - who recently professed that the internet "saved my life" after reaching a wider fan base on TikTok - has unveiled the follow-up to 2018's 'Voicenotes', 'Charlie', and has thanked fans for helping him make it online.

Alongside the cover art of him leaning on a giant white box with the song titles around him, he wrote on Instagram: “This is the official artwork for my album ‘CHARLIE’. This album was born on the internet, and I’ve had so much fun making it in front of all of you this past year. 2019 me used to think that in order to be an artist, you had to hide away and talk to nobody to make your art. Turns out you make MUCH better art when you involve millions of people in the process. (For me at least.)

“I hope you scream cry every word when I sing these songs on tour because they wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you."

According to a press release, it's Charlie's "most personal record to date, with every song authentically representing a piece of himself.”

It features his track with BTS' Jungkook, 'Left and Right', and previously released singles 'Light Switch' and 'That's Hilarious'.

The 'See You Again' singer also shared a clip of fans' pleas for him to release the record and thanked them for their "patience".

The 30-year-old singer has breathed new life into his career through TikTok, and Charlie admits that the internet has always played a huge role in his success.

The 'Marvin Gaye' hitmaker loves using the video-sharing platform because it's allowed him to connect with his fans.

He said: "What works really well for The Weeknd, only works for him and like two other artists. Me, I need to really show my personality off.

"I wasn't doing that because I was surrounding myself with producers and record label heads who were like, ‘You are a massive act. You need to go away and work on your art for a while.’ The pandemic made me realise that I have to not only not do that, but the opposite of that. I need to show every step of the process."

'Charlie' is released on October 7 and is available to pre-order now.


Source: BangShowbiz!