The Letter Prince Harry Wrote To A Mother Who Lost Her 5 Year Old Will Make You Wipe Away Tears


Prince Harry met 5 year old, Carson Hartley last year and awarded him an Inspirational Child award, because he was impressed by Carson’s positive outlook. He wrote to Carson’s mother after hearing off the death of the inspirational young boy.

Carson Hartley had a number of health issues, suffering with lung disease, a heart defect, Spina bifida and brittle bone disease and sadly passed away this month.

Carson’s Mum, Kirsty Hartley, received the letter from Prince Harry in which he expressed his sadness about the death of Carson, this week. 

The letter read: "I was so very sad to hear the tragic news.

"Carson made such an impression on me at the Wellchild awards last year with his warm smile and hugs. He showed so much happiness with such a positive outlook, despite the challenges he faced. “

"Carson was a wonderful young boy and I am delighted to have had the chance to meet him.

"I wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear of your loss and pass to you my heartfelt condolences."

Carson survived after being born 13 weeks premature and having lots of health issues, including chronic heart and lung problems and bleeding of the brain. Doctors said that the youngster might not survive and may never be able to walk.

Carson however took his first steps at the age of two in 2012 and by last year he was giving high-fives to Prince Harry.

"We were having a really rubbish day and we hadn't been home since Carson had died, but we had to go and drop some things off. The letter was behind the door. I opened it not really paying attention but once I saw the royal stamp and the H on the envelope I knew it was important.” Kirsty said.

"My heart burst with pride, I cried, it was so bittersweet but just reflects exactly what we thought of Harry when we met him. I couldn't believe he remembered Carson but like we always said, once met never forgotten."

The Mirror