Married at First Sight dad-in-law weighs into Andrew

gossip 08/03/2017

After Amber Sherlock's jacket meltdown in January, you'd think Australian television was done chastising fashion on television. 


Married at First Sight, which airs on Three on Tuesdays, showed Cheryl's dad, Hamish, giving the jacketgate a run for its money, when he berated his son-in-law for wearing a T-shirt to their first meeting. 

The couple, who were in other show marriages before they ended up together, have already had their fair share of road bumps before Dad dived in to make things a little harder. 

Andrew wasn't sure if his father-in-law was "fair dinkum" or joking, but once Hamish banished him from the house to get changed, he realised his lack of dress shirt was no laughing matter for the Scottish father.  

Even the two kids jumped into bat for poor Andrew, but Dad wasn't backing down- and it seems the shirt isn't the Perth firefighter's only problem because Dad didn't think his new son-in-law was Cheryl's type.  

"I'm gonna break them up for sure if I can," Hamish says. 

"And I will."