Kelly Clarkson makes hilarious in studio recording stuff up

goss 13/04/2017

Kelly Clarkson is known for her upfront and honest attitude and now is no different.

While other artists might try to hide their in studio stuff ups, Kelly has taken a different route and posted a video of her hitting a bum note on Twitter.

The star uploaded the short video with the caption "That time you think, damn, I'm about to nail this ... and then you don't #inthestudio #whatthehellwasthat "

She wasn't the only one admitting to the occasionally stuff up however, Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying admitted to having similar issues calling it the 'story of my lfie'.

Kelly being Kelly replied by saying 'it took me a minute to recover from whatever that was!'

We love that Kelly has made the best of an awkward situation by completely owning it. A good reminder that no matter how successful someone may be, we all make embarrassing mistakes from time to time.