PM Bill English becomes joke target for John Oliver

NZ 16/05/2017

Funnyman John Oliver has hit back at Bill English, after finding out that the Prime Minister of New Zealand said he wasn't funny.

"Bill English must know that the moment he mentioned my name I was going to immediately find the stupidest most humiliating things about him that I could," Mr Oliver said, before devoting five minutes of his show to taking the Prime Minister down.

The Last Week Tonight host roasted Mr English for his social media posts including an "indescribably lame video he made of his exercise routine" as well as his "revolting" canned spaghetti on pizza.

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"A divorced dad cooking for his kids on the weekend would not put spaghetti on a pizza," Mr Oliver says.

"That's not dinner that is an actual hate crime.

"I'm sorry if our show is not to your liking Bill English, Prime Minister of New Zealand - although to be honest, judging from your pizza choices, if I appeal to someone with your level of taste I'd be absolutely mortified."

Mr Oliver quotes lyrics from Eminem's 'Lose Yourself', adding: "I would honestly rather eat Eminem's vomit spaghetti off his sweater than canned spaghetti and pineapple off one of your garbage pizzas, Bill."

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The HBO show also features a series of pizzas it jokingly suggests Mr English would enjoy. The toppings include condoms, baking soda, horse laxatives.

There's also a pizza topped with 23 Blu-Rays of Eminem's film Eight Mile, "because f**k you", says the narrator.

Mr Oliver's parting message is: "Bon Appetit Bill, you filthy animal."

Mr English hasn't watched the video yet, but said on Monday afternoon said: "I'm not all concerned about it".

"It may assist New Zealand's international profile and help tourism and trade, and even relationships with the US," he said.

Watch the full video above.